Hello! I’m Mei.

Senior UX designer based in Amsterdam.

I am passionate about  crafting human centred,  meaningful and beautiful products. At the same time, I also love coaching and mentor less experienced designers. I help companies setup UX vision and guide the team to achieve it.

I am a full stack senior UX designer with 10 years of working experience, 6 years dedicated in digital product design, and prior to that a user researcher and industrial designer.

With my mixed background, I have solid hands-on experience to cover the full scope within the user experience domain, from initial researches to concept validation, from usability study to interface design. Next to that, I’m also able to communicate to different layers within the company to influence product direction, translate UX vision into prioritized roadmap and guide development team to achieve it.

At this stage, I’m ready and feel the urge to step up and contribute more on company strategy level. I feel by integrating UX vision into company goal, the result will be maximized in terms of delivering the best experience to clients.

Last but not the least, I’m self-sufficient and motivated for my own tasks, but at the same time I’m also an encouraging team player. I’m looking for an opportunity that I can help the company with UX vision and establish best practice to achieve meaningful, functional and effective solutions.

Services and skills


Develop UX vision within an organization .

Establish best UX process within a team.

Translate business goals and user desire into solutions.


Uncover problems and discover opportunities by quantitative and qualitative researches.

Facilitate workshops, co-creation sessions, research sprints.


Setup design system and maintain component library.

User journey, mapping, wireframe, visual design, prototyping, 

'Soft' skills

Communicate to internal and external stakeholders of different layers to pitch concept and ensure quality of the final delivery.

Provider mentorship to less experienced designers and peers.