Hello! I’m Mei.

Senior UX designer based in Amsterdam with industrial design background.

I enjoy crafting human centred,  meaningful and beautiful products

I’d like to call myself a full stack digital product designer. With my mixed design background, I can cover quite a large area in the entire UX process.

I’m able to understand business goals,  research user needs and behaviour from the very beginning, translating it to clear architecture and wireframe. Then put it down to pixel perfect UI design and understand coding. I also conducts product testing and analyze the result for the next iteration.

Some people call this an ‘unicorn’ as in they don’t believe someone can handle all of these. Well, I agree there are, for example, better artist to make visuals than I do.  But I believe design is a multi-decipline task. In my opinion, a good designer should understand and glue all the necessary parts together in order to make a user friendly and yet commercially successful product.

Now here comes the cliché part, but I do think this describes me well:

I’m self-sufficient and motivated for my own tasks, but at the same time also an encouraging team player. I always strive to deliver meaningful, functional and effective design solutions. At the same time, I also involve all relevant stakeholders, presenting, selling and defending designs.

Services and skills

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Figure out the market and the what the real problem is.

Find out the target group.

Understanding of business goals.


Quantitative and qualitative researches, product testing, creative facilitation.

Summarise user behaviour, find out the pain points and desires.


User journey, mapping, wireframe, visual design, prototyping, component design, design system.

'Soft' skills

Communication: pitch design to all related stakeholders.

Mentorship: provider mentorship to junior designers and peers.