I’m a creative designer based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
specializing in


Having a cross- discipline design background, I love to work on a vast variety of projects.
I believe design is not only about making pretty stuff but also adding value, therefore I strive to deliver meaningful, functional and effective design solutions to diverse international clients and help to obtain their business intention.
As an user experience orientated designer, I put my feet into the shoes of each client and their audience. By hearing your story and understanding your purpose, I can best measure the objective, shape the approach and tailor the design to each unique assignment.
While working together, you will find out that I’m pretty straight forward and easy to get along with.
Sometimes I work in collaboration with other talented designers to achieve the best result.



Product Design

Graduated as industrial designer, carefully create a product is my deep love. A large part of the designing process are analysis, user experience and ergonomics. The final result should reflect both commercial value and user friendly, and at the same time aesthetic appealing.
Having experience in working in big companies with mass production, now I'm more interested in customization and 3D printing. I believe this is the future of production.


A brand is one of the most valuable assets of a business. It's not only what image you present, but also how your audience interpret that image. Therefore, a brand needs to be carefully crafted to ensure it properly and authentically convey the message.
Together we will research your targeted audience, define the personality of your brand, come up with the physique (logo, colour palette, typeface, website, packaging, etc.), and built a relationship that your audience can relate to themselves.



With nowadays technology, everybody can easily take pictures as long as you have a smart phone.
To me, the difference between making pictures and photography is finding that moment and rendering that emotion.
Being attracted by beautiful things, I usually photograph portrait, fashion, food and interior. But I'm always open to new themes and challenges.