Sleep Coaching App Design

ShleepBetter is a Dutch start-up based in Amsterdam. Its mission is to help organizations and people sleep better by offering workshops, assessments, coaching, and a unique and scalable sleep coaching app.  My work is focusing on the UX and UI design of the app, which was launched in App store and Google play by the end of 2017. Since its launch, the app has been featured on App store and online media Product Hunt. The team was nominated as the startup of the year in 2017 by Sprout in the Netherlands; and made it to the French Les Echos top 6 startup list at CES 2018 in Las Vagas.


Oct 2017 – Feb 2018


Product review

Working process

We made pretty good start, especially considering the limited resources and time constraints. Everything was done in a very fast pace and efficiently. Usually I discuss the interaction part with the project manager and one of the founders briefly, quickly go through the wireframing and come to the UI design. I then sent the source files to developers together with design guidelines in a PDF. I’ll get feedbacks from the user testing, and the process repeats.

Fig: Example 1, fast pace low-fi to high-fi

Fig: Example 2, fast pace low-fi to high-fi

Because we all located in different countries, all the works are remotely done. Our communication were mainly on Skype, or like this ??

Sleep scan and plans

For first time users, they would be asked to take a sleep scan by a chatbot to find out where they have problems of sleeping. A score will be given after the scan and related plans would be recommend to them according to the scan and score. Under each plan there were series of coaching videos and exercises they could go through to understand the problem and improve it by following the exercises.

Sleep rituals set-up

Users can set up reminders to help establish their new sleeping habits.

They can also set the time and the repeating date.

Payment plan

If the users want to do more exercises or would like to have more in-depth coach from a sleep expert, they could purchase the extra service. There were 3 plans available, and they could also redeem code for discount. Once they’ve purchased, they can either upgrade their plan or cancel from a different page.

Fig: Choose a payment plan

Working remotely

This is the first project I joint that the entire team was remotely located, and yet had a close collaboration (at least some of us did). We trusted each others work and communication is key!

Work with limited resources

We didn’t have fancy softwares for the remote team to work together, such as Figma or InVision, because of time, budget, or any possible early startup concerns. So we had to use what we have got. In the end we managed to get things done in the fuzz process.


Sheelp has grown really well ever since. I’m truely happy for them and hope the app can help more people have a better sleep, just like the app name indicated. I’m also really glad that I was part of it since its very beginning. After all, sleep is one of my biggest hobbies ??